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The recently restored old school has returned to its first vocation. It offers a way to learn about the history of trade practices with the help of tools invented and reinvented with the passing years, witnesses of the creative genius of man responding to changing needs in order to survive and evolve.

Let yourself be amazed by one of the most impressive collection of antique tools in Canada.

A guided tour will enable you to discover the various trades practiced by our ancestors at the time when everyday life objects, including tools, were made with handmade instruments.

Thematic workshops will allow you to rediscover the practice of most of ancient trades - memories for the elderly, history lessons for the youth.

The Salon Monk, a meeting place reserved for collectors, will allow the initiated to share their passions and exchange their acquisitions.




  • From Mai 1st to the Thanksgiving

  • Wednesday through Sunday

  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Bring your lunch

  • Outside picnic area

  • Inside lunch room with microwave oven and vending machines




Guided tours available

Average duration of the visit

  • 2 hours

Group fares