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Fall 1963, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu. Michel Benoit, aged 13, works on the family farm. While ploughing the field, his father finds a piece of rusted metal that he thinks is an axe. He takes the tool, bangs it on a stone to remove the earth and discovers, to his surprise, that it is a tomahawk. He puts it away in a shed. The young Michel, who is already interested in archaeology, asks his father if he can have it, for he would like to start collecting old tools. Afterwards, every time someone would ask him what he wanted as a present, he would always answer: "I'd very much like to have antique tools."

After four decades of being faithful to his first passion, Michel Benoit has accumulated a huge collection of old tools of various times. These withnesses of the past represent an exceptionally rich patrimony that deserves to be shared. It was therefore natural to gather them in a museum. On his way, Michel meets Estelle Robichaud, a woman of action who is not afraid of working hard and who offers him her support.

Two years later, an ad in a local newspaper for an old school for sale attracts their attention. Michel and Estelle buy the building and immediately get to work, ardently and passionately. At first, in the eyes of many people, they are rather strange, even a bit crazy. But they can count on some friends to give them sincere encouragement and true support.



Thanks to those people who have invested so much labour in the past,

we now can invest the past of the labour world.

The door of the past is now open to you.

Just enter it.